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Dolphin Project International: Ric O'Barry tells the truth about Dolphins and Whales. As you can see, I highly support his efforts with his Free Release Programs for Dolphins and Whales in Captivity.

Revelations of Light: We highly recommend the Activations Workshops that Sarah conducts internationally. They help people attain heightened levels of consciousness on their way to Ascension. Sarah Onesha Ince is a fellow Lemurian Soul, born on the Earth at this time to share her gifts of Knowledge and Light. We at Lemurian Visions and Revelations of Light are joining together in a Distributor Partnership to sell products through both sites internationally. We will be helping to market Sarah?s Workshops and CDs, as Sarah will be marketing our books and Sacred Jewelry through Europe. We look forward to a fruitful partnership for both Revelations of Light and Lemurian Visions. Sarah?s Angelic Toning CDs can be used to open multi-dimensional doorways. Please tell Sarah that Lemurian Visions sent you there.

DrKioni.com: A Directory of Over One Thousand Five Hundred Metaphysical, Spiritual and Esoteric Links! Go there for Metaphysical Advice, Metaphysical Consultants, Success Mentoring, And Metaphysical Links & Webcast. Lemurian Visions can be found under the Channeling section. ????

?Nature?s Aromatics: We highly recommend the wonderful healing Essences that are created by Jeannette Kolokoff at Nature?s Aromatics. Jeannette also conducts classes on the uses of Essential Oils as a means of creating and optimizing health in the body.

Millennium Minerals: We highly recommend this site for obtaining hard to find Lemurian Seed Crystals. Since we have purchased our ?Channeler? Lemurian Seed Crystal, it has opened up other communication links with the Lemurian Civilization. Julia Fortado has specially chosen these crystals from Brazil. They are of very high quality and sourced by other-dimensional frequencies. Say hello to Julia for us.

Crystal Visions: Dan Crown specializes in providing Lemurian Seed Crystals, Moldavite, and Kunzite specimens for use by Healers and Psychics throughout the globe. Visit his site and read the wonderful testimonials by Psychic Healers that have used special Crystals they obtained from Crystal Visions.

Gems of Wisdom: Crystals and Gems provide the pathway to inner wisdom. Sandy Morris sends out very special crystals to you with love. They are delivered to your door with great care, and in good time.

Exploring Gems and Crystals: Katie Kline recommended this site for good quality gemstones and crystals.

Mt. Shasta Light Publishing: This is a wonderfully informative site, owned and operated by a very dear, fellow Lemurian friend Aurelia Louise Jones who lives in Mt. Shasta California. Great Wisdom and Knowledge can be found here. Send Aurelia warm greetings from Jonathan and Adrienne when you visit.

Jennifer Avalon and Aviator Records: Jennifer is an Angel brought to Earth with very special messages to deliver through words and music. I highly recommend her CD "The Bridge". I also recommend signing up for her weekly newsletter.

Two Lost Moons: David Weiss provides links to little known information about Lemuria, confirming that at the time of Lemuria?there were two moons in our solar system?also important information on what took place in the 2004 Presidential Elections in the US.

The Halls of Reiki: The Halls of Reiki consists of four wings with many rooms containing extensive information on Reiki, as well as hundreds of links to other Reiki, Metaphysical, New Age, Spiritual and Alternative Healing sites.

All Shopping Directory: Online Shopping Directory

Dream Inn ? Bed and Breakfast: From the time we were greeted at the door by a friendly black Labrador retriever, our stay was a magical one. The Innkeepers David Ream and Lonna Smith made us feel at home during our stay at this beautiful Victorian house in Mt. Shasta, California. Each morning we were treated to a delightful breakfast served on antique china, along with friendly conversations with fellow travelers and our wonderful hosts. Whether you are on a Spiritual Quest to Mt. Shasta?s vortices, or a climber ready to take on the challenge of her lofty slopes, we highly recommend the Dream Inn as the place to rest and rejuvenate when the day is done.

Mt. Shasta Books: At this site the visitor can experience excerpts from a wonderfully Mystical and Magical book about Mt. Shasta amassed over a 30-year span of research conducted by the late Emilie A. Frank about the Mysteries and Mystical Encounters experienced at Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Mt. Shasta, California?s Mystic Mountain is truly a treasure of information through 27 chapters of amazing experiences and encounters on and around Mt. Shasta. Some of the experiences include Channeled messages from Lemurian and Atlantian Beings and UFO Contacts and Activity. We at Lemurian Visions have been asked to review the book. We highly recommend this book before your next trip to this Sacred Spiritual Site. We will include the review on our website when it has been completed.

World Brotherhood Union: This organization in Turkey distributes The Knowledge Book?A Channeled Guide to Evolvement and Ascension. While the reader absorbs the messages contained in this 1100-page collection of the Truth from the Universe about our abilities as Human Beings to Ascend?The Light in the Cellular structure begins to evolve to the True Human Entity that we are. Mevlana, the Sainted One who has received the Channeled messages contained within this Book of Knowledge from several very High Frequency sources, has brought this gift to Humanity to aid in our development. I highly recommend that those seeking their True Path to Ascension study The Knowledge Book.

Kauai Hindu Monastery: This is a special retreat on one of the Islands formed by the mountaintops of the Lemurian Continent. They have the Knowledge of the Ancient Lemurian Practices. Make sure you are pure of heart when you visit there.

OmPlace: Conscious Living Directory, Alternative Yellow Pages, Alternative News for Healing Arts, Spirit, Environment and more.

Life Color Mandalla: Pax Nidorf reads the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Life Colors from your photograph in the Creation of your Life Color Mandela. The Mandela vibrates with your frequency.

The Earth Echo Project: This Site has a Inspirational collection of Other Dimensional art that captures the true Essence of Cosmic Events in the Universe and on our Earth Plane. As Fred Casselman, the creator of this site of sights says?The Earth Echo Project is "Celebrating Earth's Spirit in Art, Words and Music"

Lemurian-Imports: Discover the treasures of this site through a Map of the Ancient Continent of Lemuria. As you click on different sections of the map you will be transported to different Mystical Realms where ?True Treasures? can be experienced. I particularly like the Amethyst Crystal Divination Balls. Explore the different sections of the Continent to find other Sacred Treasures.

Spirit Art: We recommend you go to this site and see the wonderful examples of the Spirit Guide portraits and readings that Marti Baker and Michael Perry have channeled into being for others. Then arrange a private reading for yourself. Also see Adrienne?s and my Spirit Guides on the link on the Lemurian Visions home page.?

Ellie's Crystalinks E-Zine: My heart felt thanks to Ellie for referring so many people to my site. I highly recommend her site for people seeking the Truth?and sites that will help you find it.

David Icke: I highly recommend "...and the truth shall set you free", because it will.

Hypermart: A very good place to house your website.

Add Me: Add your website to 34 Search Engines for free.

USA Online: A good site for advertising your website.


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