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Jonathan Robert Gravish


Jonathan Robert Gravish started on his Spiritual Path in the early 1970's while attending college. He became interested in Tarot Cards, and began doing free readings for his friends at parties. The readings developed from a "parlor trick", to a quiet and respected practice as his clients reported back to him the amazing accuracy of the cards to foretell events in their lives. In the early 1980's Jonathan learned of modern day Buddhism from his good friend Tom Moore. Jonathan took up the practice for two years and finally came to the understanding that the Truth and the pathway to Heaven is found by going deeper and deeper inside the Self through Meditation. In this way we are able to find the "Sacred place deep within all of us, where the spark of Life light is placed by the Creator."


From Buddhism, Jonathan was lead to the power and the Healing Energy that could be found in Quartz Crystals. This practice of Meditating with Crystals brought Jonathan to the threshold of Natural Healing techniques that had developed as an offshoot of his Spiritual practices. For lack of a better term, Jonathan called the Healing Energies "Bio-Energetic Healing". With this Energy from the Universe, he continued to seek out Crystals that would aid him in his practices. That is what lead him to the Crystal Shop and the Amethyst Crystal Ball Record Keeper from Lemuria. Since December of 1986, Jonathan has been channeling messages given to him by God, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms, and Extraterrestrial sources.


In 1995 Jonathan teamed up with Tom Moore again and they created a Screenplay, "Vision Crystal" based on Jonathan's channeled remembrances of the Lemurian Civilization. The Screenplay is currently being marketed through Terrestrial Pictures Screenplays, and we are seeking Spiritually Minded Producers for the project.


To contact Jonathan address you emails to ouseal@comcast.net


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