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Several weekends ago I went to a local hotel where a Healing Arts Expo was being held in Torrance, California. After looking around the different displays, I came to a booth where people could have their Sprit Realms Portraits done. When I tried to sign up for a session, I was told that all the appointments were booked for the sessions that afternoon.

Jonathan Meets Starship Commander Curtis


Starship Commander Curtis


“Unfortunately I was unable to have my reading done that day, so I took one of Marti’s cards and made an appointment for the next week. I went for my reading at Marti and Michael’s home, and was welcomed very warmly with hugs and wonderful mint tea. After chatting for a while, we began the session by Marti holding my hand. As she was drawing, Michael had tapped into the Spirit Realms and started by asking if I knew a “Curtis” that might have passed on in my family. I unfortunately didn’t recognize the name, but he continued concentrating and after giving some other information about seeing three people two men and a female standing together, he got this very perplexed look on his face, shook his head, as if not believing what he was seeing. The more he focused the more the image wouldn’t leave him, and he finally said: “That’s impossible…I am seeing a huge planet with two suns setting at the same time.” Little did Michael know, he was describing the Planet Lemuria where I had lived one of my past lives. When Marti finished the Portrait, I knew right away that the man she had rendered was not of this world. My immediate impression was that he was a Starship Commander from another Planet or Star System. A couple of days later, I was staring into the eyes of the drawing and it came to me. His name was Starship Commander Curtis from the Pleiadian Star System. So that was the “Curtis” that Michael was referring to.”

I highly recommend Marti and Michael to anyone that wishes to have a closer connection to their Spirit Guides. To schedule a reading please contact Marti Baker or Michael Parry through their Spirit Art website at or email address listed below.    

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