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Several months ago I started corresponding with a very special fellow Lemurian being on-line.  Sarah Onesha Inceis a Channeler, Healer, and very advanced High Soul whose purpose in incarnating again on this 3rd Dimensional Earth Plane is to facilitate steps to guide others in their Ascension process through Light Body Activation and Ascension seminars and courses. She has written and published the book “Truly Ascending”, which is based on the “Book of Life”. We at Lemurian Visions highly recommend the services and products given to this earth plane through the Heightened Light and Love that is coming through Sarah to benefit all on their spiritual path. Listed below are further descriptions of the Courses and Products currently available from Sarah and a link to Revelations of Light for ordering purposes. Be sure to mention that you were referred by Lemurian Visions when placing your order…

 The Lightbody Ascension Course©

           A multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional course of awakening


Levels 1-4 bring you dynamic ascension shifts

Level 5 is an attunement to teach Lightbody Ascension

Level 6 is an advanced course:- The Genesis Divine Body©


Channeled of the absolute trinity of light
The Codes of Ascension are in each manual, but first appear physically (given ratios) in the second manual - True Light of God, then again in The Book of Light (level 4);

By combining Light body techniques with Ascension techniques, a very powerful healing is born to earth, as it reaches throughout time and space and is a permanent healing for the body and soul


Assisting you to move through all levels of your light body to Ascension, this is a course designed for the human incarnated into earth body (physical flesh) to be able to take this totally to light body. As this is designed by source, if worked through in totality, and total soul/human sincerity, you will be able to swiftly move through the dimensions and ascension portals at the time of calling. In the meantime, this will enable you to become all that you could be, as you will be able to see beyond blocks and illusion, and begin to completely acknowledge and know your soul, throughout all time and space, thereby knowing your gifts, and what you have come here to do. This course will enable once again, the divine gifts that were partially disabled at the fall.

Comprising of manuals and meditation tapes:-

Level 1:-Will assist you in removing the veils of separation from your own higher self, and spirit.

Level 2:-Will assist you to ignite with the light from source to the level you are able to at a soul level of choosing.

Contains number ratios explained for:-

Balance of paradise connecting (light to mid blue and white/pearlescent)

Golden rings of throne calling: - Fire of spirit, for calling capabilities. Reigning of true kingdom of God. Accessible only by pure of spirit. Contains all.

Codes of connecting up to the 9th Dimension, thereby receiving multi-dimensional assistance

Level 3:- Will assist you to ground within your physical vehicle, what you experienced at level 2.

Level 4:- Will take you on the advanced level:- Now that the essentials are in place, you will learn how to live this reality. Level 4 contains the four codes of the covenant of light, the coded prayer of evolution, the codings of evolutionary mastership, Elemental body grounding codes, and Illumination of the mind codes.

Level 5:- Is the teacher’s level. Includes an attunement tape of what you need to go forth to teach this work in the world.

Level 6:- Not strictly part of this program, however, it takes you to a very profound level indeed. If you have ever wished you could channel and heal in a crystal clear way, then this is what you have been seeking. This is the healing program of all healing programs, in that it contains all the keys you will need (for this time in history at least), and is in advance of it's time in the high light quotient it contains.

The Second Coming: - The Messiah - Humanities Gift

Hauntingly rich vocals interweave with beautiful mesmerizing keyboard and guitar, taking the listener on a journey through 7 keys, which are included in a beautifully written accompanying booklet. Seven Keys take you on a journey:- A journey back to the source of all that is. Angelic toning and beautiful guitar and keyboard tapestry weaves through 7 key verses. Through seven angelic keys, revelations unfold.

Angelic Toning takes you on a journey of self discovery, as the hauntingly beautiful vocals weave a rich tapestry with the melodic keyboard harmonics, taking the listener on a journey through the 7 keys of the Second Coming. The Seven keys have been designed to assist you through the passage of limitation, to discovering that we all have unlimited potential, as co-creators with God. The Sacred Channeled angelic tones, are unlike any tones or scales found on earth.  The Gateway is an invitation, the door to walk through to begin the passage of change. The calling of Alpha and Omega calls in the energies of the beginning and end, all that you are, have and will be. Past, present, future, side by side. Atlantis. As we hear the ancient sounds from the time before the fall, of the greatest goodness of this time, the music will assist letting go of the power struggle and the fall, hence healing into wholeness. Doorway of compassion is a track that will undoubtedly open your heart, hence this key is essential to fully activate before entry is permitted to the final keys.
Moving through illusion is essential if you are to live the full reality you are destined to. All veils of illusion that prevent you from seeing the full picture of what you have come here to do in this lifetime, must be penetrated and walked through. Healing is to occur on all levels of our four main energy bodies:- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Bear in mind the many delay tactics that illusion can mist over your would be brighter future! By the hand of God, gently cups you in the hands of the creator, so you may know once more, of the home-coming to source. Soothing you from your long soul journey. Arms of source, Feeling the arms of source around you, as you, once again, re-join with the higher light beings, and discover you are one, too. This track will raise you on high and ripple through your being, as your remembrance strikes firmly cords within your soul. A key for finding your true soul meaning and work. What you do on the higher planes is destined to be birthed to your earth life in divine correspondence of energies. Allow the link, and recall what you decided to do before birthing to the earth plane. Remember who you are as a soul being, spirit being of light.

The final key, originally the 7th key, but moved to the eighth by addition of the new track: - The Calling. This adds extra expansiveness, as eight is said to be the Christed level. This key is a very special key, and the whole way and time the track was recorded, made this evident. Waves of emotion were present that day on recording, and seeing the truth of what could be, in all its perfection, brought on floods of tears on my part. Knowing a greater reality could be lived, but in general, this is not reached to its fullest extent. Hence this is a key for moving through the paradigms of lesser to greater. The tones were so vivid and alive; it sent the tones right off the range! They were truly tones not of this world, but what this track has come to teach you, is that they COULD be, we only have to choose. This is Jesus final message to us. 

CD 2:- The Second Coming

7 Keys representing a calling in the time of peace inspired the creation of The Second Coming CD, and the verses. The Second coming is based on the time of peace and harmony, when the Messiah returns. The soft tones of vocals have inspired peace in those listening to this unique CD. Sarah Onesha Ince began channeling the musical keys in 2002, following a calling to create this special CD. The keys were written one by one over time, completing this year. The recording began in April 2003 in Edinburgh, Scotland; continuing on to the island of Iona - one of the Scottish islands. Initially Sarah felt the recordings would only work where she was present at the sacred sites, but the final CD was recorded inside, not on location! The keys that were written began to express something far more universal that stretched through to new times not yet here! The final recordings for The Second Coming were all recorded in England. Three CDs have been recorded to date. All 7 key verses were written by Sarah. The first CD is entitled Atlantean wand, following a vision given of a wand, a pure white crystalline wand that emanated pink light one end and blue light the other. This was interpreted as the masculine and feminine coming together as one, in peace, beyond duality of differences. This CD was recorded entirely on location in Scotland, journeying from Edinburgh to the Scottish island of Iona.

The second CD entitled The Second Coming, continued from CD one (which encompassed only two of the key verses), bringing new versions of the first verses, and completing the 7 keys. On completion in August 2003, a new track was added to the already, at that time, finished CD, at the time of production, Sarah felt a calling to back two more of the tracks. A brilliant new version of doorway of compassion was formed, alongside a new track "The Calling", which was originally to be an intro into the CD. These tracks are so new and surprising! And Sarah is delighted to include these new additions!

Opening the dimensional doorways           Voice for the Guardians on Earth       

The Angelic toning    reaches throughout time, and space

Music of the Spheres

Also available:- Channeled watercolor art:-

1. Lotus flowers of spirit
2. Atlantis - healing the Lemurian/Atlantean split
3. Twin flame’s
Healing heart.

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Revelations of Light




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