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 The following are comments shared with me by visitors of the Site and those that have purchased and read the books?please email the address at the bottom of the page for your comments to be included?


~Hola , Jonathan , soy Claudia vivo en Buenos Aires , Argentina , quisiera saber más sobre Lemuria y las canalizaciones , si me puedes decir que leer , te agradezco mucho y confío en el amor como fuente de toda la creacion y existencia. Gracias por su respuesta , estoy escuchando canalizaciones y estudiando sobre este tema y otros relacionados , quisiera saber más y conectarme con personas como Ud. que estan elevados. Estoy atenta a indicaciones de lecturas , lo saluda con afecto. Saludos. ~Claudia de Argentina


~Greetings! I was reading The Voice of the Pulse of Creation Series by Ernest L. Norman when Lemuria was mentioned. This lead me to do a search and brought me to your website. I don't really have a question just wanted to say hello. I'm starting on my journey and just doing research on all kinds of things. Right now I'm still stuck in the material world. I'm a mother and wife and can't seem to find the time to search within myself just yet. But I think just reading and opening my mind is as good a start as any. Thanks, ~Sandy M. Baker-Lafayette, Indiana


~Thank you so much for keeping up the memory of Lemuria... and keeping alive the traditions of our lost world...Kind Regards, a lost Lemurian, ~Romano from D?orf / Germany.


~The Law of One has connecting links to many alive today, I feel...Thank you, Jonathan! I have always felt strong connections to Lemurian Energies in Healing and Spiritual things. May God bless you for sharing "Ouseal" and "Seer" in these crucial modern times! ~Michael Roberts


~Hello Jonathan, Thank you for your e-mail reply to me providing information about the Lemurian crystals. On this Sunday before Easter I am sending you a version of The Lord's Prayer that I believe, may be Lemurian and possibly come from my Lemurian past life memories. I wrote this prayer several years ago and am fascinated by the unusual wording of it. If you could include it on your site, I feel that it has importance and others may recognize it also from the past. The Lord's Prayer Lemurian Version by Maureen K. Our Father... who art in Heaven... and is a part of me... Hallowed by Thy name... Let me never forget... that We once were One... Thy Kingdom come... One day We... shall be One again... Thy will be done... Show me the Pathway Home... On Earth... as it is in Heaven... Let us live on Earth... as we would in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread... Show us correct diet and care... for the body temple... and forgive us our trespasses... give us the wisdom to know our karma... as we forgive those who trespass against us... and give it up to their karma... in Thy hands... Lead us not into temptation... Let us not be attracted... to anything of this world... Protect us, oh Lord... from the evil that we may encounter... For thine is the Kingdom... I shall always be devoted to Thee... The Power and Glory... For once you touch the Higher Worlds... you never forget... Forever and ever... Amen ~Thanks, Maureen K.


~Hello, Mr Jonathan. I visited your site first time. I am a doctorate student in the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. I am very interested in alternative history, because of my researching problem, which related synergetics and mongolian shamanism. So, I want to ask help of yours to get the materials about alternative history.I am very sorry, if my english is not well and polite. I am waiting for your reply. ~Oyunbaatar Kh, from Mongolia


~Greetings Mr. Gravish, my name is Jason Rogalski. I just moved here to Northern California . I have been living on the beach in Baja , Mexico these last 4 four years. I am an artist and I am very interested in the Lemurian perspective. Do you know of a friendly Lerurian who might be willing to meet with me for a cup of tea? Nothing formal, I would just like to chat. I live in Redding and would be happy to drive to Mt. Shasta . I have this weekend open. Thanks! ~Jason Rogalski (530) 222-1268


~Hello Jonathan, It's an exciting time, I feel that we Lemurians in the past, are all coming together again to offer what talents and abilities we have to the illumination of mankind. My own work has been in astrology, my knowledge of the influences of the planets upon us, developing ESP through meditation and dreams and counselling people all over Canada through a psychic telephone line while writing a manuscript "Under These Vibrations". I have also recorded several songs that I believe are Lemurian which were channelled through me in 1973 and I have on demo CD and a collection of poetry. My other work has been through day care centers in attending to the needs of the new generation emerging. In 1972 I travelled in search of past life memories and have written a movie script that I have been attempting to market about a recent past life and the music that I remembered from it, trying to collect evidence of reincarnation to further illuminate the public. I am interested in buying some Lemurian jewelry if you could give me some information about what is available and I am enclosing a poem which you have my permission to display on your website along with this e-mail. Peace and Love ~Stargazer (Maureen K.)Calgary,Alberta Canada


~ The Evolution of Man: The man, illuminated... Spiritual inspiration... precedes the Age of Pisces,,, before the Brotherhood of Aquarius... our road must glow with... Spiritual lamplight... Almost Home again my brother... Almost Home... It takes an earnest man... to manifest the Light... and a stronger man... to keep it... shining brightly... ~Stargazer (Maureen K.)Calgary,Alberta Canada


~Dear Jonathan, I magically was guided to your site. I am Kyria Aluela Lumina- metaphysical teacher and singer-sound channel. www.thinkholistic.com/comdir/cditem.cfm?nid=1192 Where are you located? I -ancient priestess-channel songs from ancient times-atlantis and lemuria. Perhaps-you need some more music/toning in the film. For some reason I feel we need to connect. I am going to Hawaii Sept 13. (Big Island) for 7 weeks or? to resurrect my Lemurian self. ~Blessings, Kyria


~Hello, the reason I am sending you this e-mail is to give testimony to "THE RITE OF BECOMING ONE IN THE 20th CENTURY". I experience the SACRED UNION of my TWIN FLAME during the class of the GOD PRESENCE RETREAT in Massachusetts , USA dated July 30th, 2004, presented by the ASCENDED MASTERS through QALA of the ASCEND FOUNDATION. 12:15 Noon 31st July 2004 From Angel Master Dinuminutivo of the Star Systems of Angels I wish to let you that I was at the retreat with your Family of Host on the 30th of July 2004 AD. That time is open for me to see you as was instructed by the Hosts of Light. That was so divine to be with you for that very moment and you were so happy and very beautiful as well. You felt the love surrounding you and felt the love and kisses blown to you. Yes, indeed, it was a heavenly experience. I wish to tell you that you experienced the sacred marriage, as part of that meditation, witnessed by the Host of Light and this is my task this morning. This experience is magnificent to see, Beloved and only divine love is felt for this is a union of two divine beings of TWIN FLAMES of Light and Love. You wish to know what really took place. You were so lovely and heavenly enveloped with divine light and love. Your own Twin Flame is St. Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the 4th Ray (AKA ALPHA THE ALMIGHTY) both of you are magnificent and divinely in love, light and truth. Twin flames are united in Sacred Union and that for the moment you were only feeling vibration of the highest and divine feeling. What took place was that your original form and blueprint once again united in sacred union witnessed by all of the Universes. This is heralded to all to see multidimensional in different times, shapes and forms. Let me explain further: You were hand in hand flooded with the divine ray of Love and spanned around until completely united. Your Soul Extensions were also surrounded you in this moment. A pair of your feminine energies visited you the next morning and wished you the same wished that you give them attention that they may also experience the same. This is their admonition. As you know your trip from Maldex that morning 12 pairs of your feminine energies wish to come into oneness with you. We will help you and guide you in this process, Beloved Sister. I humbly honor your assistance, Beloved Master Brother Dinuminutivo. I love you, I love you, I love you. How wonderful and heavenly to have such connection in the Spirit Realm. Love truly has no boundaries. There, how lovely it is that you write what is in your heart. You are welcome my lovely divine Sister Here is your Twin Flame to speak to you. I am Angel Master Dinuminutivo from the Star Systems of Angels What follows were testimonials from my Family of Host of my Sacred Marriage. My e-mail is to let you know that I learn through my classes and meditations that I drown in Lemuria during the implosion but was not revealed to me who I was at the time of the meditation. The Transit of Venus on June 12, 2004 opened the shadows and pages of my akashic records as given to me by Master St. Germaine. These are my embodiments in ATLANTIS: 1. Heracles and Lanatila - during the first stage of Atlantis gave birth to 12 pairs of twins and started the race of advance civilization. 2. Priest Menelaus - son of ISIS in Atlantis when the High Priest in the Temple of the Violet Flame was St. Germaine in the Priesthood of Lord Melquizedek 2,000 BC 3. Priestess Maia - from Orion Star Systems as Record Keeper in the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, who taught the knowledge for the advancement of the technology at the time. Returned to Orion before the explosion of the early stage of Atlantis. I seek to know the truth as to what happen during our Separation. My puzzle pieces are now open to me and my mission in the Divine Plan of God. Your book and Aurelia Louise Jones and others, plus many websites that I was guided to read gave confirmation to my coming AKASHIC RECORDS BOOK in Divine Timing. ~Tessie, Florida, USA (tessierobb@adelphia.net


~Thanks for your reply. I would like to apologise for criticising your site - I suppose the only excuse I can come up with is that it all sounded so fascinating that I couldn't believe it was real. I had a past life reading recently and was told that I could have been a lemurian - thats why I looked up your site. I suppose, like other people I despaprately want it to be real and unfortunately the bitter critic in me pops its head out when I feel that something or someone may be luring me down a hopeful avenue. I really think the site is great - but I kept thinking 'this sounds too good to be true' etc. I'm sorry if I offended you - I really am a peace-loving person and can only say in me defence that it takes something that really rouses my senses to make me react in such a way and i was under a lot of stress last week. No hard feelings and peace and love to you from Ireland~Marguerite O, Ireland.


~Hello my name is Allen, I am a dowser. I was invited to a friends house to have lunch one day and dowsed to find out why I was called at such a short notice for lunch. The pendulium told me I was to pick something up. I told my host about it,he told me what I needed was in the living room in the corner well the pendulium guided me toward the crystal. I don't know how to activate the crystal or where to put the crystal as far as the chakra centers is concerned. could you please explain this to me please.~Allen


~It seems very strange that every single person that has left a comment on your page has the exact same style of writing! Don't you think? It is very obvious to anybody who is used to studying writing in a critical manner that these accounts have either been written or at least edited by the same person. Why would you do this? I hope it isn't just to make money. It is all a very fascinating story - and I suppose if it brings people excitment and hope then its not doing much harm, but please don't exploit peoples desparate searching side.~Marguerite O, Ireland.


~Hi there. This might sound a bit strange but I was talking with someone who I believe to be a gifted psychic, and he told me I was an Lemurian and had knowledge of interstellar travel, etc. Which has caused external repression in my life. He said I am high profile because of this. I was wondering if you could confirm or deny any significance this might or might not have? My date of birth is October 19, 1973.~Jeffrey T.


~I just want to say that I love your writings; they all have touched me deeply. I feel a very strong connection to Lemuria and your writings have helped me to find the truth I have been seeking. The images I received while reading your books are very vivid and strong. I recently read the one entitled ?Life on the Tip of Your Finger? and I want to thank you for letting me share in your adventure to Peru. I have dreamed of traveling to a sacred site like that (especially Machu Pichu) and reading your book feels like I was actually there. Thank you so much, ~Luke


~Hi, This may sound a little odd, but the spiritual reading that was given to me by Dr. Joanna Cortis alternative medicine specialist, told me that I lived in the age of Lemur and at the time of the reading, I had no idea what that age was. Since she cleared me of the things needing clearing from that age I decided there was something more I needed to do. Well, I decided to research it on the Internet and found your site. I'm amazed what I'm finding---quite fascinating stuff. ~Betsy


~Namaste, friend!~ I today came upon your wonderful website at www.lemurianvisions.com, and have enjoyed reading much of the information on it. When reading through the '4th Dimension' page, I came across a paragraph or two which in my humble opinion could do with some minor alteration.  The passage in question is the following: As our finger is getting close to his house, he won't see a finger but parts of an oval coming towards him. He is looking up, and sees a small oval in the sky. As our finger gets closer to his house, the oval would seem to be getting bigger and bigger. If you press your finger against a window, you can see a flat oval shape, which is only the flattened surface of your finger. This should give you an idea of how a flat person would see a 3rd dimensional finger that came
through the sky and touched his house. Let me explain: I am a physicist and elCloseEdit Filespend much of? my spare thinking time on visualizing four dimensional objects in order to train my mind to think above this three dimensional existence.  I have also done much visualization of how two dimensional beings might perceive three dimensional objects as this has much value in demonstrating how a four dimensional object may appear to us, as you know.  The paragraphs above tend to imply that Mr. Square sees two dimensional shapes.  This is incorrect, however.  Mr. Square is capable only of seeing one dimensional projections of two dimensional shapes, i.e. the edges of two dimensional shapes.  If you extend the situation into 3D, you will realize that we see only two dimensional projections of three dimensional shapes.  The fact that we have two eyes lets us gain a sense of relative depth of objects, but this sense is gained from two 2D images.  So if we stuck our finger into Mr. Square's world, he would not see it until it intersected the plane of his world, at which point he would see only the edge of the slice which intersects his world.  If we move our finger up and down, the slice will change size and shape, but he will only see the width of the slice changing.  If he has two 'eyes' then he may realize that the line is curved away from him, and may deduce that it
forms a solid 2D slice either from previous experience (unlikely!) or from walking around it.  If we move our finger towards him (there is no sky for him!), he will see the slice move towards him (and probably run away :o)  So you see, your explanation would probably be better as something like this: As our finger is getting close to his house, he won't see a finger, but only the side of the slice of our finger which intersects his world coming towards him.  He is looking out his window and sees the side of a disc approaching him.  If we move our finger up and down, the size of the disc changes. If you cut a disc from a piece of paper and look at it side-on, this will give you an idea of what a flat person would see if we stuck our finger into their world. I hope I've explained it clearly.  Now, if you really want your brain to go
squiffy, read on, otherwise leave it at that and skip to the last sentence! In a truly 2D world, of course, the third dimension has zero depth.  This means that if you stuck your finger into a 2D universe, they would see a disc of zero depth, in other words - nothing!  It is impossible to intersect a truly 2D world with a truly 3D finger.  Moreover, they would be completely invisible to us.  Moreover, being of zero depth, you could fit an infinite number of their universes into a slice of our universe of zero depth!  Isn't that mind blowing?!  Now extend that into 4D ? you can fit an infinite number of truly 3D universes into a region of a 4D universe with zero volume!!!  I laughed out loud when I first realized this!  Isn't it fascinating?  Well, I hope this information has been of assistance to you, and I wish you all the Love and encouragement in the universe and beyond it! Peace and Love, ~


~Greetings from the Ancient One?Hello Jonathan, while meandering my way through Cyberspace I was blessed enough to happen upon your site. My compliments on a job well done. I found it quite impressive. May your many gifts bring you peace and prosperity. Your site is one of great spirit which resonates positive energy. It serves to educate and enlighten. It treats those blessed enough to view it ? with honor and respect. I found it intelligent and informative, a site to engage the spirit and entertain the soul. My name is Micheal Teal. I am a Psychic and Spiritual Advisor in Canada. I found your pages to be of great interest. I wish you joy in all endeavors. It was an honor and privilege to visit your realm. May you achieve all in life you so desire. Yours in Peace ~Micheal Teal, the Ancient One


~ The moment I laid eyes on a beautiful Lemurian, my heart skipped a beat. I had to have one. I waited 2 hours after the speaker to finish talking about spiritual endeavors to eagerly find my way to the front counter. There it was! Exactly the one calling my name. I held it in my hands and felt the buzz of eternity, the memories of home. Every cell in my body became alive with excitement. I took this crystal everywhere, had it next to me at bedtime. Much to my dismay, while shopping one day, it dropped and broke in several pieces. I was sad because I felt responsible for destroying a piece of the universe. I then realized it was not meant to be in my hands any longer. For I was not quite ready. Through the course of 2 years, I now have over 25 of these magnificent crystals including 5 laser wands and one rare cluster. I have many stories to tell with each, but the most touching and profound one is associated with the cluster. I had been suffering from 3 months of "inner healing" after activating my merkaba. It was the most pain I had ever experienced coming out all at once. Suppressed emotions, kundalini energy rising (I didn't know how to deal with), I became depressed, suicidal, confused, anxious, thought I was going to die. I prayed every day for god to help me. The pain continued. Until the moment I was offered a gift. While shopping a local gem show (and barely able to get out and do that) I purchased a beautiful rare Lemurian cluster. There it was, calling my name. It was at a price I could have thought twice about, but didn't. It is the most beautiful piece I have every laid eyes on, ever felt, ever touched, and ever experienced. I placed it in the middle of my meditation grid and began to feel its energy. I felt so much love that I thought that my body was floating in paradise. I was in such bliss that I fell asleep only to awake the next day feeling much better. It was after that moment and going about the day that I realized I was completely 100% healed. Every suppressing, thought, emotion, feeling of sadness lifted. I then began writing all about love. It just poured through my hands and I began to write and share the thoughts with others. I cherish and respect these beautiful crystals. My focus and goal is to help others and share their healings, be a conduit for channeling love into the world. They are magnificent gifts to the planet. May each of you who encounter their love be blessed with gifts of unconditional love spreading love and light to all?Love ~ K


~ How happy we were to happen upon your site. What a welcome lil home you've made for us on the web. We being the two of us, both Taras. Well we can talk more about everything else later. ~ The Two Taras


~We are residents of Vancouver, B.C. my husband and I have been on the trail of Lemurian Seed Crystals for the past year. It's not easy to find them, and sometimes when you do, they have been through some changes. Several we have seen, have sadly been polished. The holders of the Lem's know they should not have been polished and it's kind of Cancel below. Change Permissionsthem to "keep" them.? These highly polished ones, feel to me like they have been "opened" wide. Laid bare. They cannot communicate in the same ways, but are attuned to the many other wands on the planet and are in a place of feeling very safe. Their striations held vast amounts of data. Our first Lemurian is about 6 inches long, and has a small side crystal, which has now turned purple underneath....and has a small rainbow face in the front of it. The long clear channels that are so evident on the Lemurian's end in a face that is usually 5 sides with the point at the apex, this is called the ISIS FACE/ or ISIS CHANNEL. When we first encountered the Lemurians, I had a strange sense they were from Egypt, and used as tools in the Egyptian Preist & Preistess work and training. Even though the "word" was that the Lemurian's where from the polenisian area of the planet, I still felt their energy in Egypt. Their soft pink quality, or "ray" grows in intensity when they are working with someone. They feel like tools, when they are placed in the owners hand. You can almost instantly shift the crystal and fine the memory of the wand falling into alignment with your hand. I have handled some 100 Lemurian wands now, and a vast majority seems to carry the KEY or activation centre for moving through dimensions. Like a little KEY window, with layers to a flat place inside the KEY. The Lemurian's ask a lot of us. To begin, you must ask if this crystal will work with you. Wait until you feel the vibration returning in your hand. It will come. If it doesn't, it's like a tibetan bell, or bowl, that crystal is for someoen else, keep going until you locate "yours" You often find RECORDS (the three sided, pyramids) imprinted on the faces or sides of the crystals. The striations are usually there on three sides or sometimes five sides. some have wonderful light inclusions, rainbows, and all kinds of beautiful expressions within them. And be prepared for the changes that will occur in the crystal after you begin to use it. These are very alive! Some of the larger ones we've handled are over a foot long and weights are heavy. The crystals are often sold by pound and therefore very expensive. One crystal, which we do not know it's use, took two hands to hold it. The weight was in ReadWriteExecuteUserGroupexcess of 25 pounds. It had an apex,? striations, soft pink colouring, all I could get from this stone was it was not supposed to be where it was...in my hands! So I put it back. Another wand I was drawn to immediately, was a perfect Transchanneler. It had the three apex faces/seven sided, with small perfect triangles between each one, each face was supported by the Isis clear channel rise to the apex, and from one side of the crystal, it looked as it an "angel" had blown itself into the middle of it, and then sealed the door behind it. There was a perfect self healed "crack" through one half of the crystal.

This crystal provided a massive amount of channeled data on the use, the work, the potential of the wands as well as information on those that are bringing information in through the Lem's, such as Katrina Raphael. It was said during the channel, that those who received information through them, knew not to share it too widely right now, as if the evidence of these crystals on the planet right now, were to get out to certain Otheraspects, they would be gathered up, and ground.? The Lem's were discovered, not harvested. These are very different. They are dependent on humans to get them disbursed throughout the planet and into the hands of the healers, the Light Emissaries, for your memory of who you really are, will be returned once your wand is in your hand. They are activation wands....they activate your memory and your crystaline structures. They also clear a massive amount of heart wounding. It will be nearly impossible to opperate without deep compassion for others. Forgiveness will become your first response. Gratitude your second. Each crystal carries information, and that information will not be released until placed into the hands of the one that imprinted it on them in the first place.? The Lem's have been off planet, for many millennium, and it was only through massive negotiations in upper chambers that they are manifest here again. (that from our crystal) They were removed with purpose, they have been restored with purpose. They are needed here now. My sionsWarning: Restoring an older vershusband I are are Reiki? Masters/Teachers, together with a variety of other designations in healing work. We have been working most extensively with patients in palliative care, assisting them through the transition. We are both metaphysicians teachers and healers. In this, we have been most recently called to create a one day workshop to bring these tools to healers and are having this in Vancouver, on March 23, 2003 at the Execuitive Inn, Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby. We will have the wands available for sale, but most significantly, there and avilable to work with. The facts continue to encourage us these wands need to be in the healers hands now......the planet's evolution depends on it. Yours respectfully, ~Kathy Welter, & Harry Nichols. 604-421-1722


~I received your book ?Ouseal ? The Diary of a Lemurian?. The memories of Lemuria are really bringing up things for me! I had more memories of the disasters in Atlantis, so obviously buried some of the deeper ones of Lemuria. Whilst reading your book, "Seer from the Stars" I also noticed the similarity in our multi-dimensional way of writing, and that we use key signatures of language, choosing words carefully that convey much more, very Lemurian! Yes, I feel we knew each other in Lemuria. My feeling was one of importance you have regarding some Lemurian legacy that is helpful now in this time that is predominately Atlantean, in connection with the crossover back to balance. There is something specific for you to do. ~Leah I.


~Hi Jonathan, my name is Toni I am a self taught visionary artist. I Channel my art from the highest of energy I know I being led to show people there is life after passing on. I can?t explain my art but I do know there is a major connection here from other places. I would like to know if you might be interested in seeing my work? I am sending you one for now to see what you think. I would love even to do a mural or put my work on book covers, I not sure where I am heading at this time but I know I am getting signs to show my art for healing others and bringing them love and happiness in there lives. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I hope you enjoy my art .love from. My email address for further information on my art or to set up a special viewing is mailto:rich@expernex.com~Toni H.



~Please bear with me - I haven't asked anyone about this and I'm a little unsure of my wording so forgive me if this winds up being a bit long in the tooth. I am a woman of 38 years and of moderate means, living in Canada with my husband and 3 children. I recently acquired a Lemurian Seed Crystal. I am a spiritual woman with very strong ties to the Native American philosophy and spiritual lifestyle but I have never truly been able to connect to the stones and crystals I see so many people work with. I have several friends who are also very spiritual people and they each have a crystal also. The crystals have a very light pink tint to them - almost invisible unless you truly look into the heart of it. Mine seems to have a "key" type end to it and unusual striations running horizontally down the entire length of it all the way around and in varying degrees of texture and depth. (All the crystals seem to have these striations in varying patterns, but the patterns are all horizontal). The crystal itself is about 4 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches in circumference with six sides. One of my native friends is a very strong healer and she says she works on many different dimensions. I used to believe about 80% of what she told me. (I've always been one to sort through what I'm told and deduce what is real and what is "exaggerated", but this woman is for real - she is a bonafide true-blue healer and if she says she works on multi-dimensions, then who am I to dispute this, right?) She and my other friend who has a Lemurian crystal came to my home last week. The Native Healer (her name is Sparrow) told us that she felt strongly guided to bring these crystals together to 'open' them - and that she felt the presence of a 'library' within these crystals. Now begins the amazing thing that happened to me and consequently, the reason I'm writing this after reading about your experiences......We sat outside in the sun and a strong warm wind was blowing. Sparrow instructed me to hold my crystal in my left hand and find a comfortable grip. It took several tries before I found one and as I did I noticed a small swirl at the top just above my thumb and instantly I was reminded of the ocean and the swirl made me think of an ocean wave. My thumb rested on the deepest and most prominent striations. She asked me to then hold her crystal in my right hand and showed me where to slip my thumb into the groove that was here - the fit was immediate and very comfortable. What happened next still has me reeling. The crystal in my right hand - Sparrow's crystal - began to make the inside of my hand vibrate - beneath my skin! It was a gentle thing, not alarming or uncomfortable, but "neat!? Before I could say "this is cool!? the vibration traveled very quickly through my arm to my left hand and both crystals began 'singing' in my hands. I felt a wild excitement at this sensation, never having felt anything like it before - most of my experiences have been limited to faith through the eyes of those around me - faith that these experiences truly did exist - and right as I was about to comment on the amazing experience of the two crystals humming in my hands, I was suddenly going (spiritually) straight up very quickly - like lifting off the ground in a jet - a "body rush" sort of feeling. It took my breath away with the power of it. I seemed to level off and begin moving forward very quickly - faster than I've ever thought possible and it seemed in no time at all I was over a massive, colossal ocean! It was the most magnificent and piercing blue I've ever seen (and I'm an artist so I've seen lots of different blues). There seemed to be something going on 'in the background' of my mind, but all I could see was this magnificent ocean. I could also see or perhaps was aware of my body 'back there' and saw myself physically drawing breath inward in small gasps, my mouth wide open and my eyes huge and round in amazement. Not having worked with crystals of this origin before, Sparrow removed the crystal from my right hand, breaking the physical link. She was unsure of what was happening to me on the spirit level, and thought it best to bring me home. When the link broke I felt like I had been slammed back down (but gently?) into my chair and I'm absolutely SURE that if that link hadn't been broken, I might have physically lifted from my chair! I felt a remarkable rush of emotions! Sorrow, joy, spiritual hunger, longing and the most poignant homesickness I've ever known! I burst into tears, uncontrollable tears, and Sparrow and my other friend comforted me until the well of emotion subsided. I have no concrete explanation for what happened to me. I'm a practical woman with strong spiritual beliefs, and not given to imaginative fancy with which to feed my ego. I do not do drugs, although I used to several years ago (nothing too harsh, marijuana and hashish) and I don't drink. I see this crystal with new eyes and am unsure of what to make of this discovery, suffice it to say, I seem to have been taken to a place that has left a residual mark on my spirit - I seem different somehow, and can't set this 'feeling' aside. I'm searching for answers and perhaps, the key to unlocking the mystery behind what I experienced. I want more of what I experienced - I don't want to abandon this search for whatever has started. I thank you sincerely for your time and for your patience in allowing me to ramble on as I have. I felt compelled to share this with you, perhaps because I feel I need to grab at all straws for answers, perhaps because something stronger has led me to you. My limited experience causes me to question my own path - a path that has led me to your well of experience. Again, thank you for listening to me.

Most sincerely ~Colleen G.


~HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I am so glad I found you!!! Or more like I'm so grateful to be guided to you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I am quite literally crying out of joy right now! OK, I'm sorry I'll start from the beginning! Hello, my name is Renata and I just found your website, (The only website that came up on "Lemurians through yahoo! Turns out that I, (as a being "Renata"), have a major connection with Lemurians, and their evolution, and they have a lot to do with my present life. I did not know any of it consciously until yesterday, when through a channeling with two mediums, energies of Isis came fourth and revealed to me a great deal of information on who I am and my plans. There was a lot of material and terms that I never herd of before (in this lifetime :), so I jumped into research. And you are my savior and a link!!! So far the only things I know about Lemurian plane are from information Isis gave and what I found on your website. But I am so thrilled that there are people that know about them and that there are books on them. I?m so happy!!! Obviously I have numerous questions and this is a beginning. If you can recommend me some books (I understand there are few) it would be great. I am interested in their dimension and southern region. I am especially interested if there is anything written or known on their own transformation into a human form, particularly the shift in their awareness and physical change from a tree chamber heart to a four chamber hart. And I am highly interested if there is anything known on their connection with Hawaiian Islands and hibiscus flowers that hold the energies of Lemuria and unconditional love....I have much to remember and much to do.  Thank you for being you, too bad we can?t hug :) P.S. Not counting the awesome information you provide, Your website is radiating with peace harmony and love, and the chosen background colors are actually harmonizing and healing your visitors. (I?m wondering whether this was consciously planned.)...Raising awareness with color...great! :) ~Renata


~ I'm Giuseppe from Holland, Dear ones, I?d like to share with you all this: I was meditating with energies and our lovely Light beings, and I got this, ?I'M Ashtahr from Lemuria, love and peace to you?? He told me that he is a 500 year (earth years) old Lemurian who's around us with other also lovely beings from another Galaxy, to help us in this time of transformation and wars every where, He told me that also in Lemuria a long time ago there where wars and they learned that the important thing is LOVE & Peace, they know what we're going through, we weren?t talking about personal questions, well, the message I could deliver to all of us from Him is: ?You?re not alone, We will assist you to learn? Love & Peace?.? Well he also said to me that he would come back to me again in the future. Great isn't it! Well my friends I?m happy to share this (even though it?s a short message).? This is my website URL: http://home01.wxs.nl/~agost002/ and http://home01.wxs.nl/~agost002/new_page_14.htm . Greetings Love and Peace to All. ~ Giuseppe


~ Did Atlantis have a war with Lemuria? And did they both destroy each other? Please write back to tell me ok. ~ Csocom

~ If you are an alien disguised as human and or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help! Also if you are from, I?m not sure if this is the correct pronunciation, the planet Valnator, please reply. My life has been severely tampered with and cursed by a very evil woman of my past. I need to be able to travel physically back in time, rewind my life including my age, and also be able to remember what I know now so that I can prevent my life from being tampered with again after I go back. I am in great danger and need this immediately! Only if you are an alien or have this technology please send me a separate email to core0139@aol.com. Thanks? ~ Vortex

~ Great news!  I visited your website?what a lovely sight. Adrienne?s newsletters are incredible! Her latest, currently on your website is exactly my way of thinking. She is exceptionally literate and is able to convey concepts in the clearest of senses. I wish you all the luck with your website and your books. I received your CD and eagerly await reading your latest book.  I am looking very forward to reading it, and will do so little by little at work, and at home.  The cover is gorgeous.  Did you take the photo yourself? ~ Cara D.

~ All of you are nuts and this website is just a way to make money from lonely people. ~ D. Fritz

~Your web page is so impressive?always has been. ~Gena A.

~Hello Jonathan and Adrienne?First and foremost I took into note from reading on your website that you have stayed in Mt. Shasta at the Dream Inn. So you are already aware of the Mystical Energy that Mt. Shasta has on a human Soul. I enjoyed the contents of your website. Lemurian Visions is just the kind of website I am looking for. Thank you for your time and consideration on reviewing our remarkable book Mt. Shasta, California?s Mystic Mountain. I am hoping that we can exchange website links, and I would be happy to send you a review copy. ~Jennifer M.

~Dear friends?I want to make contact with Ernest Muldashev. His name I read from your page. If you can give me any notice about him, please help me with his address or telephone number?or e-mail. I hope you will be able to help me. With best regards?~Tamara H.

~Your web site is beautiful. I especially love the colors -- both calming and invigorating at the same time. ~Carmen

~Hi!  I just want to thank you because I have received the book! Such new ideas for me. Yes, I finished your book and enjoyed it very much. It is too short I'll say!!!? As for the past life deal, well Jonathan, I'm still working to absorb the content - the info itself.  I have to tell you I mull this stuff over before I begin to absorb it into my own belief system. But honestly, I'm still processing the somewhat technical and borderline arguable stuff you wrote.  I'm just stating I could really think about your train of thought there before I decide if I had a past life in the world Lemuria as you have exposed it. You see, I'm not quite sure of something - did you mean that the Old Planet Lemuria - of the Pleiades - spun as a fireball into space and truly became our own current planet earth???  Is this some sort of metaphor to you, or is this something you would like to see proven through psychic and scientific discovery???  I'm guessing the latter.  If so, I'll take that into account, and probably will believe it, but will also acknowledge that numerous other Powers were involved in the culmination of the formation of the Living Library of the Planet Earth.  Not just the Lemurians I'm thinking.  What about a great archangelic council?  What about the dinosaurs and the gods who formed their reality? There are so many factors to consider.  Can't really be simplified too much in my mind. Except symbolically - the symbolism can be simple - the facts, the clairvoyantly and scientifically (metaphysically) traceable history must be developed and researched thoroughly before I could embrace it fully.  I'm something of a stickler.  I do respect you and your beliefs very much.  I am honored to be in communications with you.  Just want you to know I hold a degree in English Education and I'm picky.  Also, I'm somewhat scientifically minded and I question...I'm also mathematically and musically minded and I tear things apart!!! So I admire you very much for your courage in presenting the ideas in Ouseal.  I would like to see how you've developed some of the core ideas in further works. If I had to guess at a connection in the book in my own past, I'd be torn. A part of me identifies deeply with the Darks.  Probably an equal part of me identifies with the Lights - the scholar in me.  The passionate lover and peaceful warrior I am is certainly a Dark.  Who knows, maybe I was one of the lucky Neutrals!!! Either way, I'm so happy you're doing this writing, it is very good stuff. You have many great gifts to offer. Funny I had thought maybe I was one of the only ones who remembered the time of Lemuria.  My historical knowledge is sketchy -but I go there in visions quite often.  I see a tropical and liquid-like floating continent in perhaps the 2nd Age of Earth when all of us were spirit children - so linked to our true selves we did not separate from our angelic/Elvin beings.  I believe Lemuria was my first life on Earth - and there I agreed to take the plunge into loss of memory.  I consciously agreed to the experiment.  But as a spirit child who had never experienced separation from the whole mind/heart - I could not truly comprehend such a thing as fear.  Or could I?  Well if I did I was certainly brave to undergo it.  Now I do believe we have come full circle - for my memories are flooding back and I'm thrilled with all of life.  We have much work to undergo sir.  Much work.  How can we network more closely?  I've been in Alaska for 10 full years and have been somewhat out of the loop.  Although I lived on a volcanic Aleutian Island (one of the last residues of Lemuria I believe) and have been able to attune magnetically while there for 8 years.  I hope/plan to help organize a rather grand scheme I've got to build a floating university, which will also be a SHIP OF LIGHT.  My goal is to join with the Aleuts here who see the vision with me and form a school of the healing mysteries (with music being primary) on board.  We will then work as a missionary-type ship, which will travel throughout the Pacific Realm offering help and gathering strength.  I imagine we will do the Pacific loop for some 20 years or so and will then perhaps sail to and from the heavens freely.  Will hope to set sail in 2012.  Remember the Grey Havens of the Western Seas?  Well Lemuria is the jumping off place for me.  It all resonates so clearly in my heart.  Can you tell me how you'd best recommend sharing this plan? Please share this info as I'm completely raring to go and am praying in earnest for a group to work with there.  Have many magical connections already and will welcome all the blessings of friends I can find. I also want to congratulate you for the publication of Seer from the Stars!  Barnes & Nobles and Borders, eh???  Big time Jonathan!  Yahoo! How about Amazon.com?  Next step okay. I'll be eager to purchase that one and would prefer to get it autographed directly from you. Is the ?Seer? available online from you now?  Give me a bit to build up book- buying money again.  Normally I prefer the library.  Have to budget for it. Do you still have a percentage going to the Dolphins? But I wonder how long the Seer is?  Have you written a novel-like one in the Seer?  You'll have to forgive me for asking and also carrying on about writers.  I am one you see ? unpublished though I may be! I hold my "masterpieces" inside too much.  Instead of letting them go to the world and trusting the great powers that be to not only give my channeled joy to the world for positive purposes?You make me feel so good. You've inspired me to begin compiling my own poetry and essays and gather them for publication. You are an inspiration.  Thank you again. Rest safely in the Dark and Light!!!! Best regards in love to both you and Adrienne. I would love to be working with both of you in 10 years or so!  We'll write or brainstorm works together I hope. With Love?~ Annette S.

~Hari Om my name is Zelimir in Croatia?Please new information?Lemuria lost Continent?Hari Om?I practice yoga and you? My yoga names Hanuman Puri? I read a book by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Needle?"You are becoming Galactic Human" and it really pleased me. I would like to find out more about Lemuria but I don?t have my own PC. I just have access to the library one. I do have another problem and it is the fact that at the present I cannot afford to buy your book, but if it?s possible I beg you to be in contact with me by E-mail as often as possible. Please write to me the info about Pleiades and Sirius stars. I am very happy for new information. I am interested in the Photon Belt 2012 years, and Hyperborean and Pracataceansa, whales and the dolphins and Shambala and Agartha and Thelos Princess Adama in Shambala Hollow Earth, and Lost Human history earthstar geometry in the sky. Interested in Kalachakra. Please send me photos of the Lemurian Timeline, Maps, Resources, and Photos of Agartha, Shambala, Atlantida and the old Vedic Culture. Please give me information of Alien Star system and Galactic Federation, Altair, Arcturus, Bellatrix, Epsilon, Eridani, Hyades, Lyra, Pleiades Cluster, Sirius, Tauceti, Taygeta, the Alien Race Fomalhaut, and first Alien Races in the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Etheric Dimensions. Please send photos of UFO, Pleiadian, and Sirian Races. My friend is helping to write this e-mail but litter problems (my English is not so well) Thank you again and please give me lot's of information about this that I write (especially information of Shambala and Agartha and Hollow earth Hari Om http://www.yoga-in-daily-life.org/ This is web of my Yoga organization & my gurudev Paramhansa Swami Maheheswarananda. Thank you and talk to you soon. ~Zelimir??

~Hi, I got the disk today, thank you very much?I was wondering if you heard anything about Ernest Muldashev, a Russian scientist.  He wrote a book called "Where Did We Come From" (Ot Kogo My Proizoshli).  In that book he describes his expedition to Tibet, Egypt and India and other places where people talk about Love and Soul.  He talked to many Lamas, and people who actually guard and saw Lemurians and Atlants who still exist today in a somatical state in deep caves.  By technical analysis and logic he and his group derived many conclusions about our Soul, Roots and Existence, as well as what Lemurian and Atlants look like.  He also referred to Elena Blavatskaya, who I am sure you probably heard of.  She was one of those who had a direct connection with Universe and All Truth of Knowledge (God). Regarding my drawing.  I did draw this picture?by copying it from the book I?ve read. This image was derived by computer by imputing eyes that are on Temples of Tibet, plus the interesting analysis that Muldashev and his group made.  From that picture there is evidence that Lemurians (or Atlants) lived a half undersea life style...they were also much taller than people are today, about 5~8 meters.... this is all from that book by Muldashev. Thanks again. ~ Tatiana


~I have just finished reading your book for the second time, I received it last Friday and read it for the first time ?at one sitting??I simply Love it. It?s amazing because I had had a vision of a vehicle similar to the POD and also another one of me sort of gliding and transporting myself in a small sphere but it was whitish. I would like to send a gift copy of your book to somebody who lives in Canada, I am sure he is my Soul Mate?We met ?by chance? two years ago, and have completely different realities?I live in Argentina and English is my second language. We only had a ?Spiritual? connection, but my life has never been the same from then on. ~ Maria C.


~Hello: My name is Sandi; I am the religion & ethics editor of The San Diego Union-Tribune. I'm interested in doing a story on the Lemurian philosophy. Can you help? Thanks. ~ Sandi D.


~Hello, My name is Peggy and I was recently given a psychic reading for my birthday and was told that I previously was a "Lemurian", from the Island of Mu. I would like to know more about my "past" and anything that you could offer. I would appreciate also if there are any workshops offered on this subject in the northern CA. area. Thanks ~Peggy


~The universe works in amazing ways. I sat down at my computer today not knowing that the thought to look up information on Lemuria would lead me to you and the answers to my questions on Truth and staying true to oneself. The excerpt "The seer from the stars" really hit home for me. I have been communicating with God and the Angelic realm for almost a year now it all happened rather suddenly and was a bit overwhelming at first. I have since come to understand that the truth is within me. The emotion that I felt when I read " Truth does not cause sickness when expressed to another" was exactly the answer I'd been seeking. Thank you for being you!!!! In deep admiration from one Lemurian to another ~ Laura K.

~You're a complete maniac. ~ Paul J.

~I have a book in my possession that I ran across in a thrift store yesterday.  It is called The King of the Lemurians.  It is written by Abraham J. Mansfield.  He writes about the Etruscan Lemurian Gold Mines under Mt. Shasta located in the north end of California.  I just started reading the book last night but I heard about it in high school and have been looking for it ever since.  It's been thirty years and I finally found a personally signed copy.  When I am done reading this book I expect to do some more research on your claims and information.  I have to admit curiosity has gotten the best of me this time.  Let me know if you know anything about Mr. Mansfield. ~ Vickie D.

~I stumbled upon your website ?I have a poster of dolphins on the wall in my room. I love them very much. It hurts me to think of them in aquariums?I just wanted to write to tell you that one day I will read your books?What websites do you recommend for me to see that are related to the Lemurians? I have enclosed a dolphins picture elin this E-Mail?Love and Light ~ Adrienne B.

~Your new website looks great.  It is very easy to move around in and is aesthetically pleasing.  Good luck with this new venture and your new book on your adventures in Peru. ~ Jeannette K.

~I was just surfing around tonight and happened upon your site. I found the paragraph "Communicate With God In Joy", which had a lot of words of encouragement I needed to hear. I've gotten awfully wrapped up it seems preparing for the first show of prints of my art, taking it all a bit too seriously, being a bit hard on myself. Thank you so much for the reminders! Peace and love~ Fred C.

~I came across your email address as I was searching on information about the continent of Lemuria. When I saw your email address, I found myself drawn to email you. I am not exactly sure why that is, but I feel it is the right thing to do. I have had a long interest in Lemuria; from the first time my Uncle gave me a book on Mu. Since that time (around 1968), I have read three more books about the continent of Mu. I can't say why I am writing you, or for that matter, what am I writing about, but my inner feelings tell me that all will be explained. In any case, I hope you will respond. ~ Vincent B.

~ I have decided ?if I did something to myself I realize how much it would hurt people more If I was gone then if I just moved out of state? you are right life is precious...I have learned this from your books...there is a lot in this world. And this morning I was able to help someone that also wanted to leave this earth just as you helped me...I will always be grateful to you for your words in your books. ~ Jeanette H.


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