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Lost Cities of Ancient: Lemuria and the Pacific

by David Hatcher Childress

ISBN: 0-932813-04-0


It is written by a "maverick archaeologist and

explorer...who combs the Indian Ocean, Australia and

the Pacific in search of the astonishing truth about

mankind's past."


Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific

by Cerve

ISBN: 0-912057-09-2


It is printed by the Rosicrucian Library and written

by W.S. Cerve' and interestedly its dedication page

reads: "In appreciation of the first researches into

the history of the lost continents of Atlantis and

Lemuria made by that brilliant mind and soul, SIR

FRANCIS BACON this book is dedicated to his memory and

everlasting greatness of character. The Author"


The Lost Continent of MU

by Colonel James Churchward

ISBN: 0-914732-19-6 BE, Books Edition

ISBN: 0-85435-293-7 The C.W. Daniel Edition


The back of the book reads:


"Mu, the Motherland, a lost culture which was the

center of civilization some 25,000 years ago. A

vanished continent which sent Colonel James Churchward on a lifetime's search, from the vaults of an Indian temple to Australia, from Siberia to the South Seas.


"In 1868, while serving with the British Army in

India, Churchward became close friends with a high

temple priest who taught him how to decipher several

stone tablets which had lain hidden for centuries in

the temple vaults.  They told of a vast civilization

which had emerged, flourished and decayed long before our own: the continent of Mu.


"This is Churchward's story of how he followed the

trail of Mu to the ends of the earth and pieced

together the picture of a civilization whose influence

is still felt throughout the world, though now lost in

the mists of time--Mu, the Motherland."


The Cosmic Forces of MU, Volume 1

by Col. James Churchward

ISBN: 0-914732-27-7 (U.S.A.)

ISBN: 0-85207-243-0 (U.K.)


Excerpts from the back of the book:

"Cosmic Forces of MU, Volume 1 is the fourth book in

the famous MU series by Col. James Churchward who

spent his lifetime researching the vanished Pacific

continent and super-civilization of MU


"In this volume, the author explains the sciences as

they were taught in MU--teachings the author felt were

far in advance of present knowledge and embracing the

whole universe."


The Children of MU

by Col. James Churchward

ISBN: 0-914732-22-6 (BE Books-- USA)

ISBN: 0-85207-200-7  (The C.W. Daniel Co.--U.K.)


Excerpts from the back of the book:

"The Land of Mu was a huge continent situated in the

Pacific Ocean between America and Asia, its center

lying somewhat south of the equator.  Basing its area

on the remains which are still above water, it would

have been about six thousand miles from east to west,

and three thousand miles from north to south. All the

rocky islands, individually and in groups scattered

over the Pacific Ocean were once part of the Continent

of Mu."


"In his second book, Churchward tells the story of the

colonial expansion of Mu and the influence of the

highly developed Mu culture on the rest of the world."


The Sacred Symbols of MU

By Col. James Churchward

ISBN: unknown

Published by Ives Washburn in New York

Manufactured in the United States of America

By the Vail-Ballou Press, Inc. Binghamton, N.Y.


Excerpts from back of book:

“All religions have a common origin in the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu.

“The North American Indians came from Mu in boats, as shown by their legends and symbols, and these symbols found on pottery discovered in burial mounds throughout the Middle West, indicate a civilization equal or superior to their own.

“All those statements are made in this book, and are backed up by logical, reasoned proof, as well as by facts.”




The Lemurian Scrolls: Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins

By Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

ISBN: 0-945497-70-9


“An illustrated clairvoyant revelation of man’s untold journey to Earth from the Pleiades millions of years ago, and the struggles faced through the eras as souls matured into their ultimate destiny and Divinity.”



***channeled information***


Ouseal: The Diary of a Lemurian

By Jonathan Robert Gravish

Published by Lemurian Visions


“Our Mother Earth is the cradle of civilization that is descended from two beings, who came from the original planet Lemuria.  The male was known as Atom, from the Kingdom of the Suns. The female was known as Eve, of the Kingdom of the Moons.  Out of this union of Light and Darkness, in love and harmony, came the leaders of a new civilization for human kind, and human beings were originally known as MU-man beings. We are all of extra-terrestrial heritage. We have forgotten our roots.”


The Lemurian Way: Remembering Your Essential Nature

By Lauren O. Thyme

With Sareya Orion

ISBN: 1-880090-91-0


“The Lemurian Way is a fascinating account of the Lemurian civilization and, more importantly, what it meant to be a Lemurian.”


Telos: The Call Goes Out From the Hollow Earth and the Underground Cities

By Dianne Robbins

ISBN: 0-9700902-0-x


“Explore the rich family life of the people from the Lost Continent of Lemuria, who have been living underground for the past 12,000 years; and who, due to their isolation from the surface population, have created a civilization of peace and abundance, with no sickness, aging or death.”



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