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Imagine that the outcome of the future is dependent on love? Imagine that we are determining our future together through something as simple as an act of kindness, however large or small? In the year 2004, it was very fitting that Sting would sing the anthem:  “Send your love/into the future/Send your precious love/into a distant dawn/Heal the wounded planet with the love of your healing”. That message is timeless.


Imagine a story of an ancient civilization called Lemuria that parallels ancient myths, and legends about people who could navigate time and the stars. These people shared a vast technological knowledge that helped them to monitor the Universe, yet they were in tune with nature and respected the Universal Laws that maintained the balance of community life in Lemuria.


I hope to share this story with you to remind you of how we hold the keys to our future on this planet.


Welcome to Lemurian Visions! I hope you enjoy your visit!


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10% of all book and jewelry sales from this site are donated to Dolphin Project International to help support free release programs for Dolphins and Whales that are in captivity. These very special Beings have lessons to share with us. We are to go to them in their natural habitat, not imprison them so we can learn from them.


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